Lawson Phillips LLC


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Do you need graphic design work? 

Your company has an idea, and you want to spread the word of that idea and it's important that everything looks professional. This is when you contact Lawson Phillips to help you from conceptualization of your project through the final delivery.

What is Lawson Phillips?

I am! Or, we are! It depends on your project needs.

What's a "project"?

Anything. You can hire Lawson Phillips to design; a golf ball or a 40-foot trailer graphic, we can design one brochure or a complete package of materials for your project. (see project slides for samples of work and websites)

How long does a project last?

It can be years, or it can be hours. It all depends on your needs. Essentially I am an independent contractor for you to engage as long as the need exists. 

Where are you located? 

Lawson Phillips is anywhere that you need us. These days we can Skype, Face Time, send emails, texts… or I can hop on a plane and come shake your hand. Whatever warms your heart. 

Why Lawson Phillips?

I provide personal service with attention to detail. I have broad experience across many media and the ability to coordinate complex projects and meet deadlines. 

How do I get started? 

Pick up the phone and call: 785.273.1800