Lawson Phillips LLC


- BA in Communications with a minor in Art

- Vocational training in Photography

- Postgraduate studies in Photography

​- 23 years of Graphic Design work

- Lawson Phillips LLC   2000 - present

- Kansas Department of SRS / Office of Design   1992 - 2000  

​- Smith Audio / Visual   1992 - 1993


I have had a diverse project history as a Creative Director and Graphic Designer, using and learning a host of programs over the years to execute a broad array of products from complex multi-year campaigns to individual brochures. I have worked for education, State agencies, small and large companies, as well as individuals. Some broad categories of work I have done include but are not limited to: 

~ Books, booklets, brochures, pocket folders, envelopes, stationery, business 

   cards, fliers, cards, logo development. 

~ Billboards, theatre slides, license plates, electronic benefit cards, t-shirts, 

   fliers, pens, notepads. 

~ Commercials for radio and television, web sites, DVDs, dvd labels. 

~ Displays for trade shows, table drapes, vehicle wraps of cars and box trucks. 

~ Photography and videography.

Website development and maintenance.


Years of newspaper and yearbook experience, art classes, video production classes, classes on communications, classes on art, psychology and perception. Eventually came a B.A. in Communications with a minor in psychology from Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas. 

More Photography

Kaw Area Vo-Tech provided 1040 hours more detailed technical training in photography while still attending Washburn, followed by even more post-graduate photography study in Santa Barbara, California at Brooks Institute of Photography. 

Video Production 

I interned in the production department for a local television station and also volunteered at KTWU doing production work for the public television auctions. Floor director, camera operator, sound and lighting technician, plus Chiron operator. 

Early Graphic Design

I worked at the State of Kansas, Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services in the Office of Design for nine years under my mentor, Mr. Arthur McCash. McCash was a KU graduate with extensive training in, and a student of, typography. His design bible was written by Jan Tschichold, and his vision for our developing design office included something called an Apple computer.

I worked my way up the ranks from Photographer I to Graphic Designer III. I managed projects and gained design experience doing everything from logos to pocket folders, collateral packages, brochures, posters, displays as well as some odd things like a license plate and credit card. 

Lawson Phillips LLC 

In 2000 Lawson Phillips Associates became a full-time free-lance graphic design company and eventually evolved to today's Lawson Phillips LLC. 

What does Lawson Phillips LLC do today? 

In short, design. But the definition of design is broad. What began as primarily print work inevitably began to include displays, promotions, vehicle graphics, websites, billboards, theater slides, Facebook pages, photography and video for web and dvd. Check out the Project Slides page to see samples.

Recent websites

What software do you use?

Whatever gets the job done! Primarily I work with Adobe Creative Suite's InDesign, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Premiere, After Effects and others. However it is often necessary to learn completely new programs as well. As stated originally, whatever gets the job done!

Need to know more? 

If you haven't gotten your desired answer by now, you should just pick up the phone and give us a call. If we can't help you, we will do our best to get you aimed down the road in the right direction. Check out the Project Slides page to see samples of past work. Thanks for visiting